Construction & Renovation

Construction & Renovation -

     Home and Help perform all kind of works like repair, construction and maintenance. We count on professionals such as carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, workers, master builders. Our professional aim is to implement projects that highlight both the quality of the materials, and their finishes. 

All our customers, whether individuals or companies are satisfied with the work done and trust our professionalism. You won’t be charged for the estimation. We offer fast and efficient service with guarantee.

We develop the project according to your need, advising and proposing best solutions to ensure perfect condition for your accommodation.


We have been on the market for a long time, obtaining valuable experience and skills in the sector, which allowed us to grow and expand the range of our possibilities:

  • Reforms kitchen and bathroom
  • Paint, plaster and plasterboard
  • Doors, windows and parquet. Aluminum and wood
  • Plumbing and Drainage: repair of damp and downspouts
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical installations and heating
  • Refurbishments, glass and metalwork
  • Insulation
  • Gardening and pools
  • Reform projects

Home and Help works with most competitive companies in the area and get big discounts that later are reflected in the estimations we make to our customers.

Feel free to ask questions about your projects, we will be happy to help!


Villa Casablanca -
Villa Casablanca
For this project we had to re-paint the vi...
Swimming pools -
Swimming pools
Swimming pools. Interior renovation and leaks check. Home and Help possesses waterproof techniques and all the necessary equipment. Tile cracks, along with unaesthetic lo...
Bathrooms and kitchens -
Bathrooms and kitchens
Renew your bathroom or kitchen! We know that remodeling your bathroom can be an important work, but Home and Help is always ready to give you advice in everything you nee...
Smallworld Cafe on the Golden Mile -
Smallworld Cafe on the Golden Mile
Complete renovation of the cafe on the Gol...
La Sala Puerto Banus -
La Sala Puerto Banus
Directed by Foc Design and Home and Help, the project “La Sala” restaurant in Puerto Banus was done in 7 days, working 24 hours, thanks ...
Handrails -
Handrails. The tempered glass handrails with stainless steel profiles aside from a modern design, offer more space and light. They are ideal for balconies, terraces, gardens and swimming ...
Integral Kitchen Renovation -
Integral Kitchen Renovation
Pergolas -
Enjoy the good weather in your garden sitting comfortably in the wooden pergola that creates a refreshing shade even during the hot summer days! The wooden pergola is an ideal complement ...
Complete Apartment Renovation in Nagueles -
Complete Apartment Renovation in Nagueles
Complete renovation of the apartment in Na...
Lake execution -
Lake execution
Execution of a natural lake, covered with round river stones with three fountains covered with rocky stone. Complemented with lighting to match the environment, artificial waterfall illum...
Bathroom integral reform -
Bathroom integral reform
Demolition of the existing bathroom and reorganization of the space for better functioning. Tiling and flooring according to modern design. Installation of plumbing fixtures and fittings....
Villa Serenity -  Cascada de Camojan -
Villa Serenity - Cascada de Camojan
Along with Foc Design decorators team, Home and Help took part in finalization of all major works and the set-up of the villa.Execution of a fully...
Stairs Set Up -
Stairs Set Up
Home and Help sets up different staircases, from modern, classic to rustic designs that can go very well in both internal and external spaces of the house. We can help yo...
Waterproofing of covers -
Waterproofing of covers
Waterproofing of covers. The main damage to the covers is that of water leaks. In fact, in many cases a roof is not being repaired until no leaks are detected in the houses. There are sev...
Execution of Chillout Area -
Execution of Chillout Area
Execution of bar seats and the bar counter with bricks, screed plasterwork with placement of anti-crack mesh and application of joint bridge for the execution of four layers of micro ceme...
Dental Clinic in Estepona -I -
Dental Clinic in Estepona -I
Dental Clinic in Estepona - Phase IComplete demolition of the interior of the clinic. New distribution of the cabinets. Execution of 7 cabinets, warehouse, 2 bathr...
Dental Clinic in Estepona -II -
Dental Clinic in Estepona -II
Dental Clinic in Estepona - Phase IIClosing with glass curtains and doors. Installation of A / C by ducts. Execution of adapted bathroom for the disabled according...
Humidities reparation -
Humidities reparation
The cause of humidity in houses can have several reasons: external or internal leaks caused by some fissure or a broken pipe, poor ventilation or condensation. The first thing is to detec...
Stamped concrete pavement -
Stamped concrete pavement
Exterior pavement renovation with stamped concrete with matte varnish finish. New installation of a fully equipped automatic irrigation system throughout all the garden, lighting with bea...
Polishing -
Home and Help performs polishing of marble floors with anti-humidity protection and gloss finish. Polishing is a technique that is used a lot to repair poorly damaged mar...
Perlite and plaster works -
Perlite and plaster works
Home and Help works with perlite, plasterboard and plaster: fake plaster ceilings,  separating pladur walls, coating and smoothing of the walls and interior ceilings...
Enclosures -
Enclosures. Home and Help carries out the supply and placement of all types of windows and doors of aluminum, both sliding and folding. There are enclosures for balconies...
Restoration of drinking water tank -
Restoration of drinking water tank
Emptying, cleaning and disinfection of the drinking water tank. Coating of the entire surface of the deposit with several layers of waterproofing SikaTop 209 used for drinking water and p...
2 Villas in Cortijo Blanco -
2 Villas in Cortijo Blanco
Interior and exterior work in two villas in Cortijo Blanco. Interior coating, tiling and flooring. Execution of partitions and stairs. Masonry work in general and plastering....
Lighting -
Decorate and illuminate your home! Home and Help offers ideas for inside and outside illumination. Placement of lamps, recessed spotlights, wall lights and LED strips. Br...
Laminate -
Nowadays there is a variety of wooden floors, of different finishes, thicknesses, qualities and composed materials, natural wood or synthetic. Home and Help supplies and ...
Construction & Renovation -
Terrace renovation-video
Terrace renovation - Time Lapse video of the work done on the terrace....
Decoration -
Regardless of the size of your home, amends can always be made. Home and Help can give you space organizing ideas to make your home more sustainable and comfortable. With...
Terrace renovation -
Terrace renovation
Terrace renovation. Demolition of damaged flooring, sanitation of the affected area, execution of steps and extension of terrace with bricks and reinforced concrete creating a solid base ...
Façade restoration -
Façade restoration
In order to restore the original splendor of your facades it is necessary to clean, re-paint and renovate them from time to time. Being highly economical in setting up your exterior is no...
Restoration of the piers in Puerto Banus -
Restoration of the piers in Puerto Banus
Restoration of the piers in Puerto Banus. Repair of the entire surface of the piers in several phases. Sanding and sanitation of the entire surface. Joint sealing application (Sika Top 41...

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