Speaking spanish: mission possible

Speaking spanish: mission possible - homeandhelp.com

Learning a foreign language will never be as easy as when you are super excited to learn it. Motivation is a key to achieving any goal, and today we’ll talk about how to become a fluent Spanish speaker and how not to make a mountain out of a molehill while making your first Spanish steps.


Is it really worth it?

First of all make sure you actually need Spanish and you are ready to start studying now. If you have a job interview coming up, or getting ready for your Spanish vacation, or you are actually moving to Spain – that’s when you are motivated. When you are constrained by time, you are more likely to succeed in studying because you actually need it.

Little strokes fell great oaks

No matter how urgent is your Spanish mission, go slowly. Half an hour every day is way more efficient than the whole textbook on Saturday evening. Moreover, you won’t stress your brain with the enormous amount of information, and memorize it faster, easier and better.

Keep calm

It’s not quantum mechanics, so relax and stop overthinking. Nobody died from learning Spanish.

One Direction. Or two

It’s better to choose two good sources than going all ways at once like a fountain. You’ll just waste your time and energy.

Word by word Phrase by phrase

While studying, try to memorize expressions and phrases rather than separate words. You will learn to speak much faster, while building each sentence word by word without a great vocabulary can be very tedious.

Don’t forget about grammar

Even if you don’t possess a rich vocabulary, you will always sound comprehensible if your speech is grammatically correct. That’s why basic grammar structures like verb conjugation and tenses should be among your first priorities.


There’s no use of grammar if you don’t actually speak. And no having Spanish friends is not an excuse. Go online and find some, as we are blessed with the World Wide Web.

Spanish everywhere

Another way to get in touch with the language is surround yourself by it. If you like listening to music, search for the hottest Spanish songs, get a lyrics translation and listen carefully. You can also find Spanish subtitles to your favorite movies or TV shows and do the same thing. If you don’t have 24h access to live converstaions, music and movies should become your best friends because they help to get familiar with spoken Spanish, catch its rythm, provide you with precious phrases and expressions and last, but not least, pronunciation.

Get some cheerleaders!

Support is vital for anyone who has decided to achieve a certain goal. That’s why it’s important that your family and friends respect your efforts in learning Spanish. Or even better if some of them start studying with you! So, your aunt always wanted to speak Spanish? Go ahead and do this together! You will see each other’s progress, correct mistakes and practice speaking – sounds amazing!


Besides this, take a second to realize how lucky you are to have internet! Now is the best time to start studying as you have an access to the whole world in your gadgets. Millions of people upload, buy, sell, try and evaluate sources every day, so you just need to choose what’s best for you and start studying. Get one or two great textbooks, all your enthusiasm and make your dream come true!


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Speaking spanish: mission possible - homeandhelp.com
Speaking spanish: mission possible
Learning a foreign language will never be as easy as when you are super excited to learn it. Motivation is a key ...

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