Jamon facts you probably didn’t know

Jamon facts you probably didn’t know - homeandhelp.com

If you have just moved to Spain or are planning to do so, the first thing you need to try is jamon – a famous type of Spanish or Portuguese cured ham. It’s a national symbol and pride of the country. In case you are already familiar with jamon, you will be definitely interested in some delicious facts about it.


A perfect piece of jamon should be almost transparent, and the Spaniards have set the world record in this kind of art. The winner was Diego Hernandez Palacios, who managed to cut the whole jamon leg (about 10kg), into 2160 perfect pieces in only 60 minutes!

«White gold»

That’s how the rarest kind of jamon – Manchado de Jabugo – is called. It costs a fortune due to the small number of pigs – only 51 of this species left in existence.

With the speed of light

As we already know cutting jamon is an art. People are constantly competing in this, and guess who won in the last jamon-cutting marathon? A Spaniard, of course! The event took place in Paris and lasted for more than three days. 

National pride

Spain is the leading country in jamon production. This is probably because the Spaniards are also leaders in loving it so much: an average Spaniard eats about 5kg of jamon per year!

Exquisite diet

One kind of Spanish jamon – Iberico – is produced from purebred Iberian black pigs on the strict diet: around 10kg of refined acorns every day, that’s what makes jamon Iberico so delicious.

Turn left

The best jamon is made… wait for it…from the left leg. The reason is that when a pig falls it always does it on the right side. This is why the meat on the left leg is much softer.

Healthy ham

Pigs on a diet give us healthy ham. Don’t laugh, it’s actually true! The research showed that jamon has low cholesterol and is rich in oleic acid vital for our metabolism. 

«Jamon Jamon»

In 1992 a famous Spanish director Juan Jose Bigas Luna released a movie «Jamon Jamon», starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

The Ambassador

Florencio Sanchidrian is a famous jamon-cutter and an actual Jamon Ambassador! His ham is very expensive – more than 3500€ for a leg! The former king of Spain Juan Carlos I, George Bush and many more eminent people are among his clients.

The Kingdom of Delight

If you wish to enjoy the whole variety of jamon types and tastes – Mardid is the place for you. There are infinite shops, bars and groceries where you can try all kinds of jamon – from an affordable to the high-quality delight. 


Now you know what to try in Spain! However, jamon is not the only thing you can enjoy there. If you wish to know what else can make your stay in this country absolutely magnificent, take a look through our website! You will definitely find more interesting facts and some useful information to make your Spanish life an incredible and unforgettable experience!


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